Our Support Team

Southern Dermatology

Our team of specialist Dermatologists, Nurses and Dermal Therapists pride ourselves on
providing exceptional patient care, with your needs at the heart of every decision we make.

Nicole Marshall, RN

Dermatology Nurse

Nicole has worked as a Dermatology Nurse for several years, including as a Lead Nurse of a prestigious Dermatology clinic in Caulfield. She is the quintessential ‘pocket-rocket’ whose talents extend far beyond the realm of Dermatology. In her spare time, Nicole is an accomplished musician, conductor and music teacher. She engages amazingly with children of all ages, and has an eye for detail that ensures patients are thoroughly cared for along every step of their journey.

Orlaith McAlinden, EEN

Dermatology Nurse

After studying her diploma of Nursing over in South Australia, Orlaith (Orla) joined the nursing team here at Southern Dermatology in 2022. A kind and compassionate person, Orlaith goes above and beyond to ensure all our patients are well cared for and always followed up!

When Orlaith isn’t working you will find her competing and teaching Irish Dancing. You might even catch her practising her steps around the clinic.

Fiona Norman, RN

Dermatology Nurse
Cosmetic Injector

Fiona brings with her over ten years’ experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, having worked with several well respected practitioners in both London and Melbourne. She
understands patients’ needs and desires to enhance their appearance, whilst maintaining a natural, fresher appearance. Her ability to combine medical, laser and injectable treatments to ensure ultimate patient satisfaction is second-to-none. Fiona offers consultations to discuss skin care, rejuvenation techniques and cosmetic injectables.

Louise Barrow, RN

Dermatology Nurse

Louise has enjoyed working in Dermatology for last eight years. She has enjoyed many roles in her career including working in palliative care as well as the Director Of Nursing for a Plastic surgeon.  Her passion is the wellbeing of patients and making sure they are supported & reassured. she likes to work in a fast paced environment & has an eye for detail. She enjoys travelling & spending time with her grandchildren.

Elke Hardy, EEN

Dermatology Nurse
Dermal Clinician

After completing a Diploma of Health Sciences & Beauty Therapy at Victoria University, Elke started her career in beauty therapy. She built and operated a successful dermal therapy clinic that focussed on treating clients of all skin types and conditions. She furthered her skills and knowledge-base by completing post-graduate studies in nursing. A busy mum of three boys, Elke’s joyous disposition and warmth is palpable. She loves working within a team of Dermatologists and Specialist Nurses, and can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for achieving lasting results with you.

Lisa McGregor

Dermal Clinician

Lisa has been in the industry for over 5 years. Having completed a Bachelor of Dermal Science, she is a qualifed Dermal Clinican. With a passion for skin, Lisa always strives for the best results for her clients through skin treatments and skin care. 

Lisa specialises in treating acne through extractions, chemical peels and laser therapy. 

Patient’s of Lisa always recieve a personally curated treatment plan. She cares for each of her clients and helps them reach their goals and accommodates their individual needs. 

Amelia Cartmel

Dermal Clinician

Amelia is an extensively experienced Dermal Clinician and trainer with over 12 years of experience in the dermatology & cosmetic arena. Holding degrees in both Business and Health Science Dermal Therapies, Amelia has a breadth of knowledge in acute and chronic skin conditions, disorders and diseases. Despite her notable academic background she has the gentle touch of a skin therapist who’s worked in boutique clinics.

In 2021, Amelia joined the Victoria University clinical supervising team for students undertaking a Bachelor of Dermal Science. In her role at the institution, she supervises students throughout their practical studies. This same year, Amelia also joined the medical aesthetics and laser company, Cutera, as a Contract Clinical Trainer.

Maria Jansson

Cosmetic Nurse & Dermal Clinician

Maria is an extremely experienced Cosmetics Nurse, who brings over 13 years of skill, knowledge and technique to the field of Dermatology. ⁣

⁣Maria only selects the most appropriate treatments for each individual, recognising that no two individuals are the same. Clients feel at ease and are consistently satisfied, report increased self-esteem and enduring skin rejuvenation.⁣

⁣Most importantly, Maria respects and adheres to patients’ desires for natural-looking results – she optimises the use of dermal fillers and muscle relaxant treatments rather than overfilling faces or freezing facial expressions.⁣

⁣Client-safety is at the forefront of Maria’s practice; we just know that you will love her as much as we do – once you have experienced Maria’s skilled touch, you will no doubt return over, and over again…

Karen Long

Practice Manager

If efficiency had a human face, it would be the one above! Karen’s goal is to ensure one of the most expertly run medical practices in Melbourne (if not Australia!) Karen has overseen Dermatology practices in the south east, and understands that THE most important element of any practice, is providing outstanding patient care. Her dedication and ‘can do’ attitude, are simply out of-this-world. She is an asset to our family, and more than happy to be of assistance to referring doctors, patients and anyone else who requires it!

Emily Long

Senior Reception & Administration
Emily has extensive experience working at several busy Dermatology practices across the south east of Melbourne. Don’t let her gentle nature fool you – she is a diligent, thoughtful and industrious woman who understands the importance of communication and flexibility. Emily has been part of the Southern family well before we opened our doors – she is kind, honest and incredibly hard-working, and is determined to make your experience at Southern Dermatology an outstanding one.

Debbie Bryan

Reception & Administration

With 13 years experience in the medical field, Debbie is always ready to answer your enquiries! Debbie has worked as a nursing assistant in Ireland before moving to Australia and joining our family here at Southern Dermatology.  Bright, bubbly and and simply a picture of efficiency, Debbie has three years experience as a receptionist in busy medical clinics and is passionate in advocating for our patients. 

Samantha Chau

Reception & Administration

Samantha has worked alongside health professionals for the past 3 years – knowledge in dermatology, radiology and optics. With her interest in health and fitness, Samantha values the opportunity to explore and learn from different occupations within the medical field. Samantha enjoys travelling around Asia and lived in Hong Kong for several years before moving back to Australia – she is fluent in English and Cantonese. She is positive, supportive and remains attentive to any queries or concerns from our patients.

Sarah MacRae

Reception & Administration

Sarah has been working as receptionist in allied health for over five years while studying full-time. She has just finished a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University and hopes to complete a Master’s degree at Melbourne University. With a love for travel, she one-day hopes to live and work overseas. An avid photographer, Sarah has a great eye for detail.

Hardworking and organised, with a naturally sociable personality, Sarah is always up for a chat and is always ready to answer your queries and concerns.

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